Access to Labs

SSH Access

The password will be provided by the trainer:

ssh k8s<ID>@<serverip>

Kubernetes Access

The kubeconfig file allows connection to the Kubernetes server.

mkdir -p ~/.kube
cp /tmp/config $HOME/.kube/config
chmod 600 $HOME/.kube/config

# Launch k8s-toolbox interactively
ktbx desk

# Check Kubernetes status
kubectl cluster-info

# Check node status
kubectl get nodes

# Create a namespace
kubectl create namespace <ID-first-name>

# Change the current context's active namespace
kubens <ID-first-name>

# Create a pod
# use "kubectl run --help" to retrieve the correct command
kubectl run <your-pod> ???

# Add a label to the pod
kubectl label pod <your-pod> tutorial=true

Openshift Access

# inside the toolbox
# Retrieve password in /tmp/oc-creds.txt
oc login -u kubeadmin https://api.crc.testing:6443

# Watch the cluster
kubectl get nodes

# Check you context

# Create a namespace <ID-first-name>
oc new-project --help

# Check you context again

# Switch to other context/cluster
# kubectx default/api-crc-testing:6443/kubeadmin

Download the Labs

Once in the toolbox, run one of the commands below to download the labs:

# Lab for the "Kubernetes Fundamentals" training
git clone

# Lab for the "Advanced Kubernetes" training
git clone

# Lab for the "Advanced OpenShift" training
git clone