Managing Kubernetes with Helm

  • Note: Helm is part of the new CKAD syllabus. Here are a few examples of using Helm to manage Kubernetes.

Helm in K8s

Creating a basic Helm chart

helm create chart-test ## this would create a helm 

Running a Helm chart

helm install -f myvalues.yaml myredis ./redis

Find pending Helm deployments on all namespaces

helm list --pending -A

Uninstall a Helm release

helm uninstall -n namespace release_name

Upgrading a Helm chart

helm upgrade -f myvalues.yaml -f override.yaml redis ./redis

Using Helm repo

Add, list, remove, update and index chart repos

helm repo add [NAME] [URL]  [flags]

helm repo list / helm repo ls

helm repo remove [REPO1] [flags]

helm repo update / helm repo up

helm repo update [REPO1] [flags]

helm repo index [DIR] [flags]

Download a Helm chart from a repository

helm pull [chart URL | repo/chartname] [...] [flags] ## this would download a helm, not install 
helm pull --untar [rep/chartname] # untar the chart after downloading it 
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