Helm Lint


Helm lint will help to correct and standardize the package format

$ helm lint ./helm-nginx-pkg/
==> Linting ./helm-nginx-pkg/
[ERROR] Chart.yaml: directory name (helm-nginx-pkg) and chart name (nginx-deployment) must be the same
[INFO] Chart.yaml: icon is recommended
[INFO] values.yaml: file does not exist

Error: 1 chart(s) linted, 1 chart(s) failed

Lets correct the errors

$ mv helm-nginx-pkg nginx-deployment
  • Add an icon path (we will see where its used later)

    cat <<EOF >>nginx-deployment/Chart.yaml
    icon: "https://img.icons8.com/nolan/64/000000/linux.png"
  • Create values.yaml (we will see the use of this file later)

    $ touch nginx-deployment/values.yaml
  • Lint the package again

    $ helm lint ./nginx-deployment


==> Linting ./nginx-deployment
Lint OK

1 chart(s) linted, no failures

This time we see a perfect “OK”

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